Epicurean Hotel, 1105 West Peachtree

Project: Epicurean Hotel, 1105 West Peachtree
Project Location: Atlanta, GA
Design Firm: Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio, LLC Architecture + Interior Design, Atlanta


A canopy of backlit branches custom-made by Tableaux adorn the Epicurean Hotel 9th level ballroom ceilings

A canopy of backlit branches custom-made by Tableaux adorn the Epicurean Hotel 9th level ballroom ceilings


This project has been a long time coming, as Tableaux and our Rep Alan Robbins of ICFN were first contacted by Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio, LLC (RJTR) back in 2018. The project called for decorative grilles cut and shaped to look like branches that would be suspended from the ceiling in a hotel to be constructed within a new mixed-use development called “1105 West Peachtree” in Midtown Atlanta.


Q: With regard to design, what were the needs and expectations of your client for this project?

As the name Epicurean infers, food and beverage are the centerpiece of the Epicurean Hotel, part of the 1105 West Peachtree development in Midtown Atlanta. Whether it be via literal functionality through space planning and programming, implied by color, texture and tone or tangible bits of whimsey sprinkled through the interior as “aha moments”, the interior is cuisine-centric and thematic


Located in the Arts District of Midtown, Atlanta, the Epicurean Atlanta is a 178-key hotel situated along 13th Street, between West Peachtree Street and Peachtree Walk. The 16-story hotel’s ballroom overlooks a lush and vibrant amenity plaza on the 9th level and can be divided to accommodate a wide range of event sizes all of which find themselves under a canopy of branches, a nod to Georgia’s prolific orchards. Warm wood accent walls and oatmeal colored wall covering are wrapped around the dark shadowy carpet in tones of mission fig and wild rice under the Tableaux canopy.

During the early stages of design, Tableaux was sent concept photos and drawings to determine feasibility and provide feedback and guidance on how this idea and design could be realized. Tableaux also provided RJTR a couple photos of designs from similar past projects to solicit more thoughts.  



Q: What challenges did you face in meeting the design goals of this project?

A custom ceiling design element that fit within an allowable budget was needed and it was paramount that attention to ceiling access, lighting flexibility and suspension weight was addressed.

After feedback from RJTR, Tableaux created a few preliminary design drawings for client review. 


The initial idea was to make a total of eighteen 10’ by 5’ sections using Tableaux Metal™ in ¼” aluminum.


Floor Plan of Ballrooms Showing Placement of Tableaux "Branches"

Floor Plan of Ballrooms Showing Placement of Tableaux “Branches”


After a technical review and meeting, the client liked the idea of making them thicker. To achieve this, Tableaux suggested using their “Faux Iron” product family, which is made using sustainable, industrial-grade, moisture resistant, medium density fiberboard (MDF) panels utilizing a formaldehyde-free adhesive system and pre-consumer recycled wood fiber.


Two 1-inch “Faux Iron” pieces would be glued together back-to-back creating a 2-inch thickness for each section. Steel “shadow plates” would be cut and attached to the back to provide strength and secure connection points for suspension. In addition, fabrication had to provide adequate space to conceal LED light strips and electrical connections that were to be attached on the back of every section.


Tableaux drawing illustrating use of steel shadow plate and method of suspension

Tableaux drawing illustrating use of steel shadow plate and method of suspension

To do this, Tableaux had to make some adjustments to their normal production methods. To achieve the desired 2-inch thickness, a spray-on contact adhesive was used to glue two 1-inch boards together, an idea suggested by Chris Aler, Tableaux’s Commercial Project Manager. The process included making templates to eliminate overspray during the adhesive application, and it took 4 people to glue up each 2″ board.


Additionally, the added thickness required testing and using a larger and longer size bit to cut the branch patterns, a process that had not been attempted at Tableaux before. To ensure the final product would meet the visual and installation requirements for the project, Tableaux made a prototype of one section that could be hung and tested at the site.




After a successful test of the prototype, Tableaux created detailed shop drawings of front and back views illustrating positions of shadow plate, D-ring, and MDF.



The order was approved and went into production on November 13, 2020. Tableaux designed and build special crates to help secure the shipment from freight damage as the final production phases were completed, and the order shipped January 12, 2021. General contractors working on the project completed installation in the spring of 2021.


Q: How did Tableaux Decorative Grilles help meet the design goals and vision for this project?

The Tableaux designers and engineers worked closely with us to develop a single element that could be repeated, rotated and mirrored in a modulated size that minimized cost as well as a provided a profile to accommodate LED up-lighting.



Bottom-up view of branches made by Tableaux

Bottom-up view of branches made by Tableaux


Tableaux Decorative Grilles Branches in Epicurean Meeting Room

Tableaux Decorative Grille Branches in Epicurean Meeting Room – Photo Courtesy of Epicurean Atlanta


Headquartered in Atlanta, Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio, LLC (RJTR) is an architectural and interior design practice recognized for excellence in master planning, architecture, interior design, and execution of a wide range of project types including mixed-use, hospitality, multi-family residential, corporate office, and senior living projects. 


Atlanta’s food-focused Epicurean Hotel is a foodie’s paradise. A wine lover’s dream. A place for Connoisseurs of Life to indulge in exceptional experiences. The Epicurean Hotel is operating under Marriott’s “Autograph Collection” with partner Mainsail Lodging & Development.


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