Querencia at Barton Creek

Tableaux Featured Project


Type of Project: Senior Living
Project Location: Austin,TX
Client: The Bridge Group
Application: Partition Screen/Canopy
Product Family: Tableaux Metal™ (Aluminum)


Tableaux Featured Project: Querencia At Barton Creek

Tableaux Featured Project: Querencia At Barton Creek


This project was originally introduced to Tableaux as a “panel waterfall at elevator locations” by The Bridge Group. The concept was to include wood/MDF in the project which later evolved into the idea of doing 100% aluminum. 


Concept Image of Querencia Partition/Canopy

Concept Image of Querencia Partition/Canopy

Elevations were not provided, so the Tableaux team worked together to brainstorm and nail down a concept for the project. They knew that there needed to be a back and overhead panel, but they also needed to determine how the individual pieces would attach together, and how the whole thing would attach to the ceiling.
Tableaux’s input was very valuable in coming up with an install plan without too much technical direction from the designer. Photos of the intended install locations below…  



The original idea was to use Tableaux’s “Elements” product family, made from an MDF material. As they learned more about the project, Tableaux suggested using Tableaux “Metal” in aluminum instead. This allowed the material to be laser cut to achieve more precise & intricate cuts for the chosen design pattern, as well as providing lightweight aluminum grilles with more structural stability.
The designers were going for a more rustic approach to this Hill Country project using deep burnt oranges, black, gold, and navy. Tableaux provided the designers with samples of powder coat finish colors and “Sputtered Charcoal” was favored along with Tableaux’s “Tessera” design pattern. 


Tableaux worked through several iterations on how they could manufacture the decorative grilles to combine the needed structural integrity and beautiful design while meeting the client’s budget constraints. Provisions for framing, hardware, and the need for installation instructions, all had to be considered in their value engineering.
Since there were no millworkers involved with the project, creating installation instructions was crucial. Additionally, Tableaux’s shop drawings included notes and detailed views to help with the installation.


Tableaux’s Commercial Project Manager, Chris Aler, and Construction Manager, CJ Oliver from the Bridge Group, did an amazing job working together to engineer this system and make this project possible!


Located in Flower Mound, TX, northwest of Dallas and northeast of Fort Worth, The Bridge Group is a renovation and construction company dedicated solely to the senior living industry. 
Querencia at Barton Creek affords an upscale senior living experience teeming with possibility. Casually comfortable yet effortlessly elegant, it’s an Austin, TX, retirement community focused on what’s really important. Where individuals live consciously — both socially and environmentally. That’s why all 38 acres of their campus are lovingly cared for, and each resident feels like a familiar friend.


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