The Exchange Food Hall at AT&T Discovery District

Project: The Exchange Food Hall at AT&T Discovery District
Project Location: Dallas, TX
Designer: Valerie Haase
Design Firm: The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry


Tableaux Decorative Grilles at "Double Tap" Bar, AT&T Discovery District, Dallas, TX

Tableaux Decorative Grilles at “Double Tap Bar”, AT&T Discovery District, Dallas, TX


Tableaux worked with Design Associate Valerie Haas of Cooper Carry to custom-design & manufacture the metal panels for this project. A total of sixteen Tableaux Decorative Grilles including 4 curved corners are framed-in above the Double Tap Bar.


Q: With regard to design, what were the needs and expectations of your client for this project?

The renovation of The Exchange Food Hall was part of the redevelopment of AT&T’s 2.5 million-square-foot Dallas headquarters into a mixed-use, entertainment-filled, food-anchored experience for AT&T employees and the downtown community.


Our client wanted to us to transform the 2-level,16-stall food hall into new-age destination with design elements inspired by the legacy of the district’s namesake corporation and surrounding Dallas culture.

Valerie sent Tableaux a concept rendering of the design they wanted for the grilles, and Tableaux’s design team created preliminary drawings for client approval.  



Q: What challenges did you face in meeting the design goals of this project?

Located in a 1970s-era space that once served as a telecommunications call center, The Exchange Food Hall spans 26,700 square feet and features two levels of bars and eateries from a diverse roster of chefs. The space includes a multitude of indoor-outdoor dining options overlooking the District’s high-definition, 9-story digital Media Wall programmed to stream media content, concerts and more for up to 20 hours a day.


Our team was tasked with creating a space for all activity to converge in a central location. We positioned Double Tap Bar on the first floor to be the anchor that connects the The Exchange Food Hall to the outdoor plaza.

After making only one minor revision to the preliminary drawings, Tableaux created a more detailed shop drawing showing the measurements for each piece. This was sent to Valerie for review and moved into production status after receiving final approval. 


Tableaux shop drawing for Double Tap Bar grilles

Tableaux shop drawing for Double Tap Bar grilles


The flat and curved sections of the Tableaux Decorative Grilles were laser cut using ⅛” standard steel. The client opted to have their contractor paint the grilles on-site using a “Highland Bronze” finish.



Tableaux Decorative Grilles for Double Tap Bar

Tableaux Decorative Grilles for Double Tap Bar



Q: How did Tableaux Decorative Grilles help meet the design goals and vision for this project?

The Tableaux panels allowed us to create a dramatic suspended overbar for the Double Tap Bar with a pattern that is a modern play on herringbone, that also created a screened element for the storage above and is beautifully up lit to highlight the custom powdered coated brass finish that carries throughout The Exchange Food Hall.


Tableaux Decorative Grilles for Double Tap Bar corner view

Tableaux Decorative Grilles for Double Tap Bar corner view



The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry works closely with their clients to create extraordinary spaces. They offer complete design service consultation, including conceptual development, architecture, interior design, lighting design, and furniture purchasing. They also engage many talented artists specializing in various metals, glass and woodwork to ensure the uniqueness of our spaces. Based in Atlanta, they orchestrate projects nationally and beyond. They are a hands-on studio that brings ideas and dreams to life. 


The Exchange is the innovative culinary destination in downtown Dallas, located in the heart of the AT&T Discovery District. Designed as a grab-and-go or a sit-down dining experience, you can savor freshly prepared breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with an expansive array of cuisines to enjoy, plus the best views of the Discovery District’s Media Wall, Plaza, and the Globe.


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